Looking Up

There’s no doubt in my mind we’re living in the end times.  No better description of our current day has ever been written than that which was written in Luke 21.

“There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. “Then they will see the son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. “But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

I’ve come across a few YouTube channels that have spoken to my spirit in a particular way.  You know those moments where you hear a brother or sister speak and it just resonates with your own spirit so much you know it’s a word from the Lord?  Well, this sister has been posting videos sharing what the Holy Spirit has been telling her for the last few years.  They are so profound to me and God has been speaking to me through them.  I want to share them in hopes they will help wake others up and speak to them as well.

I’m not one to try and pin God’s timing down to days and hours, but I do know that Jesus is coming soon and He’s pouring out His spirit on His sons and daughters as promised in Joel 2.  It’s time to wake up, get right with God, and look up…for our redemption is drawing near.




Redefining Normal

We can’t properly understand what is abnormal until we understand what is normal, and just because something is common does not mean it is normal. Contrary to popular belief, normal isn’t what most people do.  It isn’t what is common.  Normal is the way God created things to be and thus how they function properly- not what they are given the influence of Satan and fallen man, which corrupts. Normal is the original intended purpose of a thing, or the standard by which all else is compared.  And abnormal is the degree to which we vary from that. Normal is what we should all be striving to get back to.  In short, we need to view normal the way that God views it, not the way fallen man views it.
It is common for man(kind) to be arrogant and proud. It is common for man to be rebellious and selfish. It is common for man to sin and reject God. But none of this is normal. None of this is the way it was intended to be.  None of this is the standard to which we should strive.  All of this is far from what God intended at creation or intends for us now.
I am so angry and tired of people who normalize sin, apathy, abuse, lukewarmness, worldliness, idol worship (In America that looks like the worship of sports, celebrities, money, status, etc.) and all the other things clearly laid out in scripture as sinful and not of God.  And I don’t care if the whole world decides something is “okay” just because “everyone does it” and it’s therefore “normal.”  I don’t care if every professor, government official, and psychologist in the world says something is “okay” or “normal”.  If it falls short of what God originally intended then it is NOT okay.  It is NOT normal.  It is NOT the standard. 
And while we all fall short of God’s standard, that does not mean we get to lower the bar or change it to our liking.  I’m not trying to be dogmatic or lacking in grace.  I’m simply trying to express that God doesn’t change His standards just because we fail to meet them. 
The bar is already set. God says “Be ye perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect” (Mt. 5:48).  This has been and will always be the standard by which we are judged.  Believe me, when we get to Heaven, we aren’t going to be judged based on the average level of sin per person.  We aren’t going to be weighed in the balance compared to our neighbor.  We’re going to be weighed on one side while Jesus – ultimate perfection – is on the other side.  We’re going to be judged and compared to perfection and held accountable for anything and everything that falls short of that. 
God is going to point at Jesus and say “this was the standard set for you, this is my normal”.  And we will clearly see all the ways we fall short, except this time, we’ll have no more excuses and what government or society deemed “okay” will no longer matter.  We will be judged in comparison to Jesus’ perfect example and whether or not we lived up to that, not the hellish standards of fallen man.
Those who live in perpetual awareness of the difference between our lives and Christ’s also live in perpetual awareness of our lack – our depravity – our impossible state.  They’re the ones who continually cry out “Abba Father, forgive me a sinner unclean.”  They’re the ones who both know and desperately cling to our High Priest and perfect sacrifice, Yeshua.  Because we know that it is only by His blood and His works that we are saved from God’s judgement and wrath.  Oh, how deeply our souls know our own depravity.  How painfully aware we are of our need for Him.
It’s when we start normalizing the sin which is common to man that we stop seeing and feeling our need for Yeshua and start thinking we’re “okay” simply because we’re common.  Let us never fall into the trap of thinking that God has lowered His standard of perfection just because we decided it didn’t matter and thus began our slippery slope away from Him.
Yes, oh yes, how deeply we need to redefine normal.  How much we need to see the gulf between us and Him, so that we may know that it was never because of our works that we were saved, but only because of the perfect work and blood of Christ that we have been saved from wrath.  How unworthy we are, and how worthy He is.  Glory be to God for His love.  For He truly is the author and finisher of our faith.  Amen.

The Black Horse Dream

I had a few dreams last night, but I only remember this one.

I was sitting inside a glass house with friends.  It was dark outside.  We all knew we were in the beginnings of the times of judgement.  We knew we were in the White Horse time period, but we were still somewhat complacent.  Nothing really bad had happened yet so we had no emotional sense of urgency about anything.   Perhaps we were a little more awake than normal but we weren’t afraid.

Suddenly, there was a whirlwind of black smoke and out of the whirlwind came galloping a black horse.  In the dream I was aware of the different horses in Revelation but I was confused because I knew the red horse is after white.  The black is supposed to come after the red so I was looking to see if it was really black.  I confirmed it was definitely black (the color black does symbolize death and destruction but it was out of order).  I was confused because of the switch in colors and didn’t understand what was going on.

We were immediately overcome by the smoke and horse and we had no time to escape or hide.  Everyone was scrambling and I immediately fell to my knees praying that God would seal me and hide me from this horse judgement and protect me from it all.  I knew that God would protect me if I was sealed by Him.  I wasn’t sure why the colors were out of order, but I knew I needed to pray that I be marked and sealed for protection.

I knelt and prayed, then I woke up.

A Night of Dreams

Dreams is Media Molecule’s mysterious PS4 project | VG247

I had a plethora of dreams last night, and I don’t remember all the details of all of them, but I’ll write down as much as I can remember.

Dream #1:  There was a massive flood on a long road between where I was and where I was needing to go.  It seemed like everyone from the city was either swimming or wading through the murky water to get to where they needed to go.  I was with a group of people and one of them said that there were dangerous creatures in the water.  I looked down and immediately saw terrifying-looking creatures swimming around and past my legs.  They looked like some kind of swamp creatures with dozens of teeth.  Then someone said that those creatures weren’t the scariest things, that there was a spirit in the water that could remove your legs (or put holes in your legs and feet) without you feeling or noticing it.  I looked down and saw a spirit in the water and I couldn’t feel my legs.

Dream #2:  I was in an upstairs room dressed in a wedding gown, but I was mourning.  In the dream I felt the deep love for a man I was going to marry (and gratitude because I had doubted I’d ever find a husband) but I was standing in the room in shock and trauma because he had just died – right before the wedding.  I was just standing there in my dress with all these feelings – a memory of love that seemed to be gone forever before having ever been fully realized.  I was just standing there, not knowing what to do.  Suddenly the scene fast-forwards.  It’s at a later date (not sure how much later) but I’m in a different room upstairs.  I had remained faithful to my dead fiance.  I never moved on and I felt totally numb and lost without him – I was now a shell of a person without hope.  I knew I’d never love anyone else.  Then, a friend came upstairs and tells me that he is actually alive and is coming over right now.  Something inside me knew it was true and I was overwhelmed with joy but also fear, not knowing how the love of my life could have resurrected.  I frantically tried to find something to wear to go downstairs and see him but got frustrated because nothing I had was fitting.  I tried on different clothes I had laying around but nothing fit.  I was so excited to go downstairs I finally just thought “screw it, go with whatever fits no matter how it looks!”.  So I went with the first thing that fit.  When I got downstairs I didn’t see him at first.  I was immediately met by two people from my past who I did not expect to see.  They greeted me and wanted to catch up with me but I was irritated because all I wanted was to find my fiance.  While one of the people from my past was chatting with me (it felt like they were intentionally trying to distract me), I saw my fiance out of the corner of my eye.  He had headphones in and was on his computer at a little table in the corner – a place I couldn’t see from the stairs.  He started to look up at me but I immediately got fearful and cast my eyes down in shame and fear.  I thought “is this real?  Is it really him?  What if he doesn’t love me anymore??  What if this isn’t real and it’s all a trick?  What if he’s upset that I didn’t believe in his return?”  My eyes cast down in these fears and then I woke up.

  •  I woke up pretty emotional and wishing that I could go back and finish the dream.  My first thoughts were actually about one of my ex-boyfriends who I still feel a lot of love for and also a lack of closure with.  The man in my dream looked exactly like him, but his name was different in my dream.  Writing it out now, it seems more an analogy of Jesus as the bridegroom than anything else.  I went back to sleep and had the following dream…

Dream #3:  I was driving down an open road in the dead of night.  It was pitch black.  I could see some faint stars but then two huge, white, shining objects in the sky were moving around each other.  They weren’t planets or UFO’s – they actually looked like spaceships from StarTrek or something.  But they were moving around each other like they were dancing (or maybe fighting?).



Two Dreams: A Son Falling Away and Revealing My Heart – Sept 27th, 2017


The Lord gave me two dreams.  One involved a friend who will remain nameless, but I think the message contained in the dream is for anyone who may be in a similar situation.  The other dream was an answer to my prayer for God to reveal anything in my own heart that is unpleasing to him.  Again, though the answer was for me, I hope it proves to be edification to anyone listening.  God bless you all!