Dream Of Martial Law


  • I recorded this at 6 am and accidentally said “Star Trek” instead of “Star Wars.”¬† I promise I know my Sci-Fi ūüôā

The Black Horse Dream

I had a few dreams last night, but I only remember this one.

I was sitting inside a glass house with friends.¬† It was dark outside.¬† We all knew we were in the beginnings of the times of judgement.¬† We knew we were in the White Horse time period, but we were still somewhat complacent.¬† Nothing really bad had happened yet so we had no emotional sense of urgency about anything.¬† ¬†Perhaps we were a little more awake than normal but we weren’t afraid.

Suddenly, there was a whirlwind of black smoke and out of the whirlwind came galloping a black horse.¬† In the dream I was aware of the different horses in Revelation but I was confused because I knew the red horse is after white.¬† The black is supposed to come after the red so I was looking to see if it was really black.¬† I confirmed it was definitely black (the color black does symbolize death and destruction but it was out of order).¬† I was confused because of the switch in colors and didn’t understand what was going on.

We were immediately overcome by the smoke and horse and we had no time to escape or hide.¬† Everyone was scrambling and I immediately fell to my knees praying that God would seal me and hide me from this horse judgement and protect me from it all.¬† I knew that God would protect me if I was sealed by Him.¬† I wasn’t sure why the colors were out of order, but I knew I needed to pray that I be marked and sealed for protection.

I knelt and prayed, then I woke up.

A Night of Dreams

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I had a plethora of dreams last night, and I don’t remember all the details of all of them, but I’ll write down as much as I can remember.

Dream #1:¬† There was a massive flood on a long road between where I was and where I was needing to go.¬† It seemed like everyone from the city was either swimming or wading through the murky water to get to where they needed to go.¬† I was with a group of people and one of them said that there were dangerous creatures in the water.¬† I looked down and immediately saw terrifying-looking creatures swimming around and past my legs.¬† They looked like some kind of swamp creatures with dozens of teeth.¬† Then someone said that those creatures weren’t the scariest things, that there was a spirit in the water that could remove your legs (or put holes in your legs and feet) without you feeling or noticing it.¬† I looked down and saw a spirit in the water and I couldn’t feel my legs.

Dream #2:¬† I was in an upstairs room dressed in a wedding gown, but I was mourning.¬† In the dream I felt the deep love for a man I was going to marry (and gratitude because I had doubted I’d ever find a husband) but I was standing in the room in shock and trauma because he had just died – right before the wedding.¬† I was just standing there in my dress with all these feelings – a memory of love that seemed to be gone forever before having ever been fully realized.¬† I was just standing there, not knowing what to do.¬† Suddenly the scene fast-forwards.¬† It’s at a later date (not sure how much later) but I’m in a different room upstairs.¬† I had remained faithful to my dead fiance.¬† I never moved on and I felt totally numb and lost without him – I was now a shell of a person without hope.¬† I knew I’d never love anyone else.¬† Then, a friend came upstairs and tells me that he is actually alive and is coming over right now.¬† Something inside me knew it was true and I was overwhelmed with joy but also fear, not knowing how the love of my life could have resurrected.¬† I frantically tried to find something to wear to go downstairs and see him but got frustrated because nothing I had was fitting.¬† I tried on different clothes I had laying around but nothing fit.¬† I was so excited to go downstairs I finally just thought “screw it, go with whatever fits no matter how it looks!”.¬† So I went with the first thing that fit.¬† When I got downstairs I didn’t see him at first.¬† I was immediately met by two people from my past who I did not expect to see.¬† They greeted me and wanted to catch up with me but I was irritated because all I wanted was to find my fiance.¬† While one of the people from my past was chatting with me (it felt like they were intentionally trying to distract me), I saw my fiance out of the corner of my eye.¬† He had headphones in and was on his computer at a little table in the corner – a place I couldn’t see from the stairs.¬† He started to look up at me but I immediately got fearful and cast my eyes down in shame and fear.¬† I thought “is this real?¬† Is it really him?¬† What if he doesn’t love me anymore??¬† What if this isn’t real and it’s all a trick?¬† What if he’s upset that I didn’t believe in his return?”¬† My eyes cast down in these fears and then I woke up.

  • ¬†I woke up pretty emotional and wishing that I could go back and finish the dream.¬† My first thoughts were actually about one of my ex-boyfriends who I still feel a lot of love for and also a lack of closure with.¬† The man in my dream looked exactly like him, but his name was different in my dream.¬† Writing it out now, it seems more an analogy of Jesus as the bridegroom than anything else.¬† I went back to sleep and had the following dream…

Dream #3:¬† I was driving down an open road in the dead of night.¬† It was pitch black.¬† I could see some faint stars but then two huge, white, shining objects in the sky were moving around each other.¬† They weren’t planets or UFO’s – they actually looked like spaceships from StarTrek or something.¬† But they were moving around each other like they were dancing (or maybe fighting?).



Two Dreams: A Son Falling Away and Revealing My Heart – Sept 27th, 2017


The Lord gave me two dreams.  One involved a friend who will remain nameless, but I think the message contained in the dream is for anyone who may be in a similar situation.  The other dream was an answer to my prayer for God to reveal anything in my own heart that is unpleasing to him.  Again, though the answer was for me, I hope it proves to be edification to anyone listening.  God bless you all!

Truth Arising

I wrote this blog four months ago but apparently forgot to publish it.¬† I just found it in my drafts folder and read through it.¬† Oddly enough, it seems even more apropos now than it did when I wrote it four months ago.¬† This world is changing quickly and I believe we are entering into the close of this age of grace.¬† I pray so hard that the blind will start to see and those who sleep will awaken to the truth and realities that surround us each day –¬† before it’s too late.

God has been greatly moving these last months and as expected, the climate is heating up.  The winnowing continues as secrets long kept in darkness are brought to light.  The keepers of secrets are scrambling, projecting their evil onto truth-tellers in a desperate attempt to get the limelight off themselves, demonizing those who expose them, and eventually hoping to lull everyone back to sleep.

Those who are spiritually awake can see through¬†the smoke screen of lies, but those who sleep still follow them. ¬†The winnowing continues to polarize people as those who wake up begin to take a stand against the corruption and those who don’t continue to perpetrate it.

Though I see the temperature heating up and the polarization becoming more pronounced, these lies and deceptions are ancient.¬† Whispers of the enemy so subtle we believe them without question, as though they’re our own thoughts.¬† As though they’re just universal truths.¬† We rage against the real truth without even knowing we’re doing so…or why.

It’s always the same with evil and while it’s presence seems to be a continual surprise, it’s methods are always the same.¬† Sometimes I wonder how hopelessly deceived people must be in order to remain so blind to what surrounds them every day.¬† Scripture speaks so often of evil, even exposing it’s methods that we may recognize and avoid it.¬† And yet we remain blind and led around like sheep to the slaughter.




These Present Sufferings

Sometimes God makes you struggle for a long time before giving you understanding as to why.  Sometimes the understanding never comes and you just have to struggle your whole life without it.  Other times the struggle and the understanding come together.  I like those times.

I have a mixture of both these days. ¬†There are long-sufferings so old I’ve long given up hope of ¬†seeing resolution on this earth, and then there are shorter frustrations that turn around pretty quickly.

Like today, the internet went down at work just as two groups of customers walked in. ¬†“Perfect…just my luck”, I thought. ¬†I made the first set of drinks hoping the internet was just experiencing a glitch and would come back on so I could take their credit card payment. ¬†No such luck. ¬†I took the second set of orders and apologized that it was taking so long. ¬†When I explained that my internet was down, one of the men in the second group said it was okay, that he could pay with cash. ¬†He then offered (or rather insisted) on paying for the first set of customers in cash as well.

This sparked a short conversation about currency, during which a lady walked in and got in line. ¬†She paid for her drink in cash, but then decided to add something else to her order. ¬†The second group of customers had left (the ones who paid for the first group’s order) but the first group was still there. ¬†To pay it forward, they left cash to pay for the lady’s order before they left. ¬†She wasn’t aware of what had happened, so I explained it to her. ¬†She was so touched by the gesture, she left $5 to pay for whoever came in next. ¬†That $5 is now sitting under my register waiting for the next customer who walks in.

As luck would have it, my internet returned right after the whole group left and now I’m standing here wrapping my heart around it all. ¬†My very first thought when the internet went down was “great, of course this would happen to me…”. ¬†But now, not 30 minutes later, at least two people were blessed because of it…something that never would have happened if I was able to take that first payment.

I wish all frustrations in life were so quickly resolved. ¬†But God is also showing me tiny glimpses into the long-sufferings that have plagued my life for, well, all my life. ¬†Least of which being the torments and traumas that have so mangled my inner being. ¬†The evils of this world bother me more than most, I think. ¬†Probably because I have lived my entire life on the losing side of them…a fact I’ve been giving God my what-fors about lately.

Today He showed me something, though. ¬†He gave me a glimpse into the inner-beings of the so-called “winners”. ¬†You know, the ones who always seem to have life work out for them, get what they want, somehow always get others to give them things/serve them, etc. ¬†He showed me inside the ones who don’t have the slightest idea what struggle and suffering really is…and it was not pretty. ¬†In fact, it was so ugly it turned my stomach and changed my mind around from “why me?” to “thank you, Lord.”

He showed me that there is a choice between an easy life with a sick, petrifying soul or a difficult, suffering-filled life with a purified one. ¬†Each soul can either submit to the purification process, which means submitting to suffering, or they can reject it..in which case Satan is right there, dressed like an angel, waving a “This way to the easy life!” sign. ¬†And most people follow that sign…that road is wide, after all.

But given what He showed me, I’m happy choosing the difficult life. ¬†Injustice bothers me more than anything in the world, and that’s not likely to change. ¬†But God showed me something – that those who have it so easy never make it to the mountaintops of God’s presence. ¬†Why? ¬†They never develop the legs for it. ¬†So many people sell their spiritual heritage for ease and for comfort. ¬†They get winded and turn back to their comfy chairs and baby bottles at every inconvenience…how could they ever survive the storm that is our Lord’s presence? ¬†And it is a storm.

So I stand here again and thank God, even for the sufferings I don’t understand. ¬†Why? ¬†Because I know it is producing in me a strength that will one day be able to withstand the all-consuming fire that is our God. ¬†Our perfect, omnipotent, fire of a God. ¬†And on that day I know that I will bow at His feet having accepted the sufferings from his hand (not always gracefully, but accepted nonetheless). ¬†And I’d rather do so as a weather-beaten warrior than a whiney little baby.

So thank you God, even for the sufferings I don’t understand. ¬†Because I know that in you, no suffering is wasted. ¬†Give me grace to trust you more, and more than anything….come. ¬†Lord Jesus, come.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. – Romans 8:18