A Word Of Warning

railroad crossing signage

This word came to me as a warning for a particular person.  But while I was writing it, God spoke to me and showed me that it is also a warning for everyone.  God is warning His people that they are substituting Him for their idols and they are so enamored and distracted by them.  Judgement is coming and God wants us to repent of this idolatry and return to Him as our One True Love.  The emotion of this word was so intense and, in a word, urgent.  I encourage everyone reading this to search your heart and lay down anything and everything you love that isn’t your Heavenly Father.

The substitutes and distractions end today.

I alone can save. Me [the LORD]. Not alcohol. Not escapism. Not distractions. Not any worldly thing. Not friendship with the world or people of it. Me alone. And my ways alone.

I am coming soon. Sooner than you imagine. When I arrive at your doorstep, will I find a house swept clean and made pure – dedicated unto me and me alone? Will I find a faithful and expectant bride with no spot on her gown? Or will I find a desolate place – a haunt of demons and idols, distractions and worthless things? During my time on earth I taught you about the ten virgins awaiting their bridegroom. Only five were ready for me when I arrived, and those I took into my chambers. But the other five, though they were also brides-in-waiting, did not keep ready and thus were cast into everlasting darkness. It’s time to get your house in order.

I am sending out the call today. I’m sending out my call. Wake up, oh sleeper. Wake up and clean your garments, and prepare your house for me. Cleanse your soul and sweep your house for my arrival! When I led the armies of Israel to defeat the godless nations, they were instructed to commit EVERYTHING of those nations to destruction. Not one person, not one animal, not one bit of plunder was to be spared. Not a single trinket was to be taken or spared. Why? Because it all bore the iniquity of false gods and to keep even a trinket would defile my people and keep them from me.

Likewise I tell you – do not tolerate one single idol in your house. COME OUT OF MYSTERY BABYLON in which you live and commit all her distractions and worthless things to destruction. Kick out the godless, wanton things. Commit yourself and all your possessions to the one true God. Wake up, repent, purify yourself, and get ready. The King of Glory is coming – not for the whores of Babylon but for His pure and spotless bride.

Did I spare Israel when they lifted their souls to that which is false? Israel… the very children of my promise? No. How much less a branch grafted in…

The wounds in your life and soul – do you not trust me to heal? Would you reject my hand of healing just to escape the momentary pain? No, do not make such a trade for this is the 30 pieces of silver. You do not understand what you are trading for momentary reliefs. I can do all things, including healing you completely, but I will not overstep your free will. If you run from emotional pain and discomfort – using substitutes to comfort or assuage you – those substitutes are your idols. The devil knows this well. When you accept his substitutes, this grants him legal rights to you. When you accept the enemy’s counterfeits, this grants legal rights to you and opens wide the doors for demons, strongholds, generational curses, and all manner of evil to enter you and your life. It attaches to you and to your posterity- all legal access granted by you.

Say “no”, my child. Resist the devil and he will flee, but take the 30 pieces of silver and you invite him in yourself. Your Enemy will always gladly give you momentary comfort and temporary relief if it means he can have legal access to your life and to your heritage – your children. Do not fall for his tricks and his trades as they are always more than you bargain for.

Do not be deceived – you cannot have both me and my power AND the substitutes for them.

Choose you this day whom you will serve. Choose who you want to heal you. Choose me, for I am life. Yes, you will feel pain, sorrow, grief, and suffering. As did I while I walked this earth. I died to obtain legal rights to your soul. But trade me and my power for any substitute and you choose to hand those rights back to your enemy and he will lead you places you do not want to go. Trust me. Trust that my death bought for you the hope and the healing you need to overcome ALL of life’s hurts. I did not die so you could waste away…I died to give you power and victory. Trust me no matter how fearful you are, no matter how bad it hurts, no matter how much shame you must lay down or expose. For this is where your freedom lies. I will help you overcome all pain, all disappointment, all sorrow, all fear, and all the sins of your past. But you must hand the legal rights back to me by committing to destruction all substitutes for my power in your life, and walking faithfully in my power.

When you are lost, ask my Holy Spirit to awaken your mind and overwhelm your heart and convict you of the substitutes and he will do it. Then destroy them and move forward in me. Will it be easy? No. But narrow is the way…and with me all things are possible. [emphasis mine]

Trust me to heal the wounds of your soul. The deepest fears, betrayals, hurts, and shame are not too difficult for me to heal. It is time. It’s time to leave your substitutes behind you, burn them as the idols they are, and come to me and I will heal you. I will create in you a new heart and I will put a right spirit within you. I will make you whole. But you must choose with your whole heart. You must submit your whole heart. The time for distractions and substitutes is over. Come to me, and I will give you rest.

**Then God gave me the following verse. I asked him what it meant and then he gave me the next verse. **

Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce my servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.” – Revelation 2:20

He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord.” – Proverbs 17:15


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