Morning Prayer

aerial photo of mountain surrounded by fog

Lord, I come before you with fear and with trembling.  Your presence is so great; it is ferociously wonderful.  It is right and good to fear your name and to be awestruck with your power and might, for you are the only True Source of all that is, all that was, and all that is to come.  Your name is the ONLY name.  Let your will be the ONLY will done on this earth, as it is in your third Heaven.

Lord, let your Holy Fire abolish all that is profane in my life.  Not just in me, but all around me.  Drive the wicked and evil away and let the fire of your presence remove all that is unholy or impure from my body, mind, soul, spirit, and sphere of influence.  Bring your Holy Waring Angels into my realm and drive out all darkness both within and without.  Let not your little one see the fruition of all the plans of the enemy, but set a table before your true children in the presence of their enemies as your word so beautifully promises.  Your word does not come back unto you void, Lord, let it be as you have spoken.

You are so big.  You are so mighty.  You are so powerful.  And you are worthy of all the honor, all the praise, and all the worship.  Bless me Lord, and may I never lift up another name for you alone are the one true God and you deserve all the glory.  Though rocks would sing if I were silent, may I never be silent for your name is the essence of life.


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