Dream: Alien Troops


Last night I dreamed I was in a small town and standing outside with a group of people.  I looked up into the sky and I saw what looked like a guy flying around in some kind of contraption.  As he flew, he’d suddenly shoot up into the sky, disappear, then immediately reappear connected to another flyer.  This happened a few times until suddenly there were about four or five strung together.  Then, all within a second, they all disappeared, reappeared with a UFO looking craft, and then they were all standing in front of us on the ground.  They moved at such a speed it appeared like they just disappeared and instantly reappeared somewhere else.

Before I could process what just happened, one of them was standing right in front of me.  He was humanoid, but definitely not human.  He was wearing a uniform, but not one I recognized.  He moved and spoke with authority so I knew he was high ranking…whatever he was.

They were speaking to everyone and commanding us to do things, though I don’t remember exactly what.  It was like mind control though because it wasn’t all in English.  I focused really hard on keeping control of myself and started repeating “Jesus, Jesus” in my head.  The things tried harder to speak to me but then I started whispering Jesus’ name out loud.  I started moving the opposite direction from where they wanted me to go, trying to figure out an escape.  I assumed they’d punish me for doing the opposite of what they wanted, but as I said Jesus’ name it seemed like they didn’t notice.  Either they didn’t notice me or they couldn’t do anything about it – I’m not sure which.

Suddenly a woman came up to me asking me lots of questions and saying she wanted to pray for me.  She looked ragged, but she was clearly not one of them and she wasn’t under their control either.  I still didn’t know if I could trust her so I didn’t really say much.

I started heading for the woods, but was caught and put inside a gas chamber.  I don’t think the “things” knew I was escaping, they just swept me up with a group of people and threw me in there.  While it seemed everything was lost, I somehow knew it wasn’t and wasn’t afraid.  I bent down and curled up and let the shower hit my back.  It only took a little bit to realize it wasn’t having any effect.  I looked up and saw the tree line behind the chamber and started moving towards it.

That’s when I woke up.


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