A Night of Dreams

dream filter infrared surreal

Dream #1:  There was a massive flood on a long road between where I was and where I was needing to go.  It seemed like everyone from the city was either swimming or wading through the murky water to get to where they needed to go.  I was with a group of people and one of them said that there were dangerous creatures in the water.  I looked down and immediately saw terrifying-looking creatures swimming around and past my legs.  They looked like some kind of swamp creatures with dozens of teeth.  Then someone said that those creatures weren’t the scariest things, that there was a spirit in the water that could remove your legs (or put holes in your legs and feet) without you feeling or noticing it.  I looked down and saw a spirit in the water and I couldn’t feel my legs.

Dream #2:  I was driving down an open road in the dead of night.  It was pitch black.  I could see some faint stars but then two huge, white, shining objects in the sky were moving around each other.  They weren’t planets or UFO’s – they actually looked like spaceships from StarTrek or something.  But they were moving around each other like they were dancing (or maybe fighting?).



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